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Insurance & Rates

Uchida Acupuncture is a network provider for all major PPO insurances. We are also a provider in major HMOs, including American Specialty Health, Kaiser Permanente, Landmark Healthcare, Chirometrics and Prospect Medical Group. When you receive services at Uchida Acupuncture through your insurance, we will submit the billing for you. No need to hassle with super-bills.

If you do not have insurance that covers acupuncture, Uchida Acupuncture has very reasonable out-of-pocket rates that you pay at time of service. The initial visit is $90.00, and subsequent visits are $60.00 thereafter. Uchida Acupuncture accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, as well as personal checks.

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Please be aware that Medicare does NOT cover acupuncture treatments. If you have secondary insurance to your Medicare, acupuncture MAY be covered as a premium benefit.

If you are seeking treatment for personal injury such as an automobile accident, Uchida Acupuncture will accept your health insurance or automobile med-pay insurance. Uchida Acupuncture will NOT treat on lien.

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Verifying your insurance

Even though Uchida Acupuncture is on your insurance list of preferred providers, do not assume that your insurance covers acupuncture. It is very important to confirm that your particular insurance plan does indeed have acupuncture benefits. There are four ways for you to check this information, which are listed in order of reliabilty:

  1. Every year you should receive a "Summary of Benefits and Coverage" for your health plan. This may be in a booklet or possibly found online on your employer's website. If you received insurance through Covered California, please check their website for benefits information. All Covered California plans should have acupuncture benefits.

  2. Contact the Human Resources Department at your place of employment and inquire about your insurance plan benefits. They will have the "Summary of Benefits and Coverage" on file.

  3. Register and log-in to the members website for your insurance. You can check your eligibilty and benefits on the website. Please be aware that an insurance website list of your benefits may be incomplete. For instance, Anthem Blue Cross does not list acupuncture benefits even when it is covered by your plan. Also, information regarding out-of-state plans can often be spotty and incomplete. See website links BELOW.

  4. Call the member's phone number on your insurance card. This is the least reliable method for verifying acupuncture benefits, because the customer rep may not know what to look for when checking your insurance. If you do receive benefits information by phone, it is important to document your phone conversation by asking for a reference number for that call.
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What to look for

It is not enough to only know whether or not your health plan has acupuncture benefits. It is also important to understand  the details of your coverage so that you are not surprised with an unexpected bill later on:

  1. Do I have acupuncture benefits? Yes or No.

  2. How much is my co-pay or co-insurance? A co-pay is a set dollar amount, while a co-insurance is a percentage of the billed amount.

  3. How many visits am I allowed? The usual limit is 12 or 24 visits per year. Some plans do not set a limit and are instead based upon medical necessity.

  4. How much is my yearly deductible? You will be responsible for the entire cost of visits until your deducitble is met. Under some plans, acupuncture does not fall under the yearly deductible. This means that your insurance will pay for treatments even before you have met your deductible, but those charges will not be applied to the deductible.

  5. What is the start date of my plan year: Most insurance plan years start on January 1, but some start on July 1. This is important to know because your deductible rolls over and starts again at the beginning of the PLAN year, not the calendar year.
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