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Office Visit

What is the office like?

Uchida Acupuncture is located in the Pinnacle Creative Campus, a beautiful open courtyard complex with offices overlooking the Fox Hills Park. What you will notice is how peaceful our office space is. There is no rush and no crowd. The plants are real, the artwork is stimulating and the music is good.

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What will my first visit be like?

Expect to spend about 90 minutes for your first visit at Uchida Acupuncture. You can download and complete the New Patient Packet prior to your visit or do so upon your arrival. In addition, please bring any prior medical reports and lab results you possess that are related to your medical complaint.

Your first visit will consist of a medical history and a short physical examination. This will be your most important visit to Uchida Acupuncture. A careful examination followed by a well-reasoned diagnosis is your best assurance for an effective and successful outcome. This will also be the time to ask questions and make sure you are comfortable moving forward with the proposed course of therapy. The acupuncture treatment itself will culminate your first visit.

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How should I prepare for my first visit?

Eat a good meal at least 30 minutes before your office visit. This will minimize the possibility of experiencing nausea, dizziness or light-headedness during your acupuncture treatment.

If possible, wear loose clothing or bring to your appointment appropriate clothing that allows access to the area of complaint. For instance, wear a tank top if treating the neck, shoulders or arms. Bring shorts if treating the back or legs.

If you would like to complete the necessary paperwork beforehand, please download the appropriate forms by clicking on the forms link.

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